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The MoJin Solutions, LLC's software is designed with the inspection process in mind and is able to provide every necessary function for the task at hand. Our inspection software was developed by inspectors for inspectors, we guarantee its ability to increase inspection efficiency and standardization. It has been tried & tested in the field for 10+ years, proving its value. 

Code Compliance

The main component to increased inspection efficiency is due to our digital platform.  Oh, and Mother Nature will appreciate it too!

Inspection reports are uploaded to the server database where they can be logged and retrieved by the necessary parties.

Federal, State, and Local requirements are encompassed in the software and updated as needed. 

Report Delivery
Code Recognition
Export Data

No more messy carbon paper. Print the report on-site, or send a PDF electronically to the customer. A few clicks, and you are on your way.

Describing the violation is easy, finding the appropriate violation can be a challenge. Using advanced keyword search, relevant codes will automatically be available to select from.

Analytical information can be generated and exported regarding various aspects of the inspections. This allows for easy integration into external databases. 

Attach Documents

Our software team can customize your products for you. Additional functions or processes can easily be created to suit your specific requirements.

Attachments such as documents and on-site pictures can be attached to the reports, which increases the quality of the inspection.

Different levels of access can be provided for field use and administrative purposes.

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