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Regulatory food safety program solutions

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Inspection Services

We specialize in food safety inspections and are prepared to assist in a variety of capacities. Learn more.

Plan Review

Our team can assist with the food establishment plan review process. Learn more.

FDA Standards

We can assist your office with implementing any of the FDA Retail Program Standards. Learn more.

Inspector Training

Our inspector training program is designed to upskill any industry professional with the information they need to conduct retail food safety inspections. Learn more.

Inspection Services

Whether you need assistance with a few inspections or want MoJin to cover all your retail food establishment inspections, we are prepared. Our team's experience and flexibility allows us to carryout an inspection program tailored to your exact needs.

All inspections are conducted using a risk-based HACCP approach in accordance with the 2013 Merged FDA Food Code and 105 CMR 590.000.

We are experienced with:

  • Routine Inspections

  • Re-inspections

  • Complaint Inspections

  • Foodborne Illness Outbreaks

  • Pre-operational Inspections

  • Mobile Inspections

  • Temporary

  • Farmer's Markets

  • Residential

  • Emergency Response

Benefits of MoJin Inspection Services:

  • Inspections reports are compiled using proprietary software that generates a report that mimics the Department of Public Health template.

  • Reports are printed at time of inspection, and .pdf copy is provided to office (easy to read, easy to understand, easy to record-keep).

  • Capable of maintaining inspection schedules and establishment information.

  • We can implement and maintain a grading program if desired.

  • We provide all the necessary tools and resources to conduct inspections.

  • We specialize in food safety, be confident that your establishments are being inspected thoroughly.

Inspector Services

Plan Review

Plan Review

A strong plan review process plays a major role in the success of any food safety program. Ensuring food establishments are set up correctly when they begin will help prevent issues later on. 


Completing the plan review process can be time consuming for everyone involved. We are prepared to assist with as much or as little of the plan review process as desired. 

Our team has experience:

  • Reviewing plan review documents for approval or revisions

  • Assisting food establishments with plan review process

  • Improving existing plan review programs

  • Developing new plan review programs 

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FDA Standards


Many health departments look to implement FDA Standards into their food safety programs. Although, navigating the requirements, developing the policies & procedures, and integrating the standards into an existing program can be an overwhelming task.


We have assisted many communities implement different FDA Standards and believe every community should consider participating in the FDA Retail Program Standards.  

Want to apply for an AFDO Retail Program Standards Grant ? Click the link to review the enrollment process and additional information on the Association of Food and Drug Officials (AFDO) website.

Below are documents pertaining to each of the FDA Standards:

FDA Logo.png

Click the link for additional forms, worksheets, and documents for each standard on the U.S. Food and Drug Administration website.

FDA Standards

Inspector Training

Our inspector training services are designed to upskill any industry professional with the knowledge they need to conduct retail food safety inspections. The overall training program is modeled after the FDA Retail Program Standards.


Inspector training solutions we offer:

  • 2-3 day classroom training, depending on desired level of food safety inspection training

  • Field training

  • Plan Review Course

  • Emergency Response Course

  • Mobiles, Temporary Events, & Farmer's Market Course

Some of the topics we cover during in inspector training programs include, yet are not limited to:

  • Current FDA Food Code

  • MA Food Code 105 CMR 590.00

  • Temperature measuring devices

  • Types, purposes, features, limitations

  • Calibration test: ice bath method & boiling-point method

  • Proper thermometer uses

  • Sanitizer & chemical test strips

  • Types of sanitizers & testing

  • Sanitizer factors to consider

  • Flow of food

  • CDC risk factors

  • Active Managerial Control

  • "Setting the example"

  • Dealing with conflict

  • Personal hygiene

  • Cross contamination

  • Cooking temperatures

  • Assessing cooling

  • Specialized processes

  • Types of inspections

  • Risk-based inspections & HACCP approach

  • Identifying critical control points & risk factors

  • Inspection process & techniques

  • Pre-inspection preparation

  • Pre-inspection reflection

  • Initiating the inspection

  • Conducting the inspection

  • Documenting the inspection

  • Exit interview

  • Re-inspections

  • Inspection stakeholders

  • Compliance philosophy

  • Case study review

  • Examples workshop

  • Education & intervention

  • Report writing

  • Active communication

Inspector Training
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