Health Departments

MoJin Solutions, LLC | Health Department

Looking for support regulating food establishments, public swimming pools, or camp & recreation programs?

Many health departments are operating at full capacity while they service their growing communities. Our experienced public health professionals can integrate seamlessly with your Health Department to support and manage the heavy workload required to regulate food establishments, public swimming pools, and camp & recreation programs.
Our trained inspectors have been in the field supporting local Health Departments manage their heavy inspection workload for 25+ years. We work closely with the Health Departments to structure a work plan for the year that best fits their community. MoJin Solutions, LLC believes that consistency brings familiarity to the establishments and together we are able to set a strong foundation for continuous improvement.
We are able to leverage our vast network to identify trends across communities and bring a new perspective to better serve you and your community. While our primary role as inspectors will be to ensure regulations are adhered to, we believe that our work as inspectors goes far beyond this. Not only will we work to verify adherence but we will continuously educate the establishments in your community on industry best practices. ​MoJin Solutions, LLC is prepared to assist with staff training, food establishment inspections & plan reviews, inspection software, and more!


Our inspection reports are completed electronically in the field. Reports are printed and can be emailed as a .pdf to all stakeholders at any time. We use the DPH inspection report template - this means reports will always be legible, organized, and readily available. 

Inspection Services Include:

  • Food Establishments

  • Food Trucks

  • Farmers Market

  • Temporary Events

  • Public Pools

  • Camps & Recreation

MoJin Solutions, LLC | Plan Review
HACCP & Plan Review Development

​HACCP Plan Review and Validation is a core competency of our professionals. We review HACCP plans on behalf of Health Departments to verify compliance with local and FDA food codes and ensure that when the plan is properly implemented, the operations are designed for compliance.

FDA Standards & Verification Audits

Let our consultants help you with your Standards Program. We will work to help build out the additional functions, policies, and procedures to meet the requirements. or complete your verification audit. Contact Us for a no cost consultation regarding your specific situation.


Restaurants & Manufacturing

MoJin Solutions, LLC | Restaurants & Manufacturing

We can help with food safety audits, operating procedures, HACCP plans, plan review, and so much more!



Maintaining compliance with food regulations can be challenging. We are able to provide consultation services if required by your local health department. The success of your business depends on your ability to stay open and serve the public safely, we can be on site as quickly as needed in order to help you make changes required to operate safely. We will work with you and the health department to determine the appropriate corrective action plan, which typically includes the following:

  • Observing processes and making recommendations to improve food handling practices.

  • Complete 3rd party audits with PIC, provide rational and correct violations on site.

  • Provide monitoring tools and job aids.

  • Work with your team to customize management tools for sustainability such as new hire orientation, opening and closing checklists self inspection program. 

  • Provide tailored training to PIC and staff in response to audit findings and observations.

  • Provide status reports to the Health Department when required.

MoJin Solutions, LLC | Restaurant Consulting

New Establishment Plan Reviews & Permitting

The regulatory components of opening a new establishment can be time consuming and confusing. Let us work with you to ensure your plan is in compliance permitting requirements. We can help design floor plans and kitchen work flow, ensuring quality food products are easily and safely prepared even at your busiest times. We can help you select the right equipment for your establishment, taking into consideration  space and cost constraints. Our consultants can also perform a mock food safety audit, to ensure your establishment and your staff are prepared for the opening inspection.


Our consultants have the knowledge ​and experience to work with your team to prepare a customized HACCP plan for your specialized process. We will ensure your HACCP plan is in compliance and make sure your staff is properly trained to execute your plan.

What Is HACCP?

HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Points, it is an industry recognized food safety system for reducing the risk of safety hazards in our food and protect us from food-borne illness. In addition to regulatory compliance HACCP can improve the consistency, quality and confidence of your product and reduce liability.  

Retail HACCP Plans:

  • Acidification of rice (Sushi)

  • Reduced Oxygen Processing (ROP) vacuum packaging 

  • Reduced Oxygen Packaging – (ROP) Sous Vide, Cook-Chill

  • Fermentation

  • HACCP Plans for other processes are also available

Certificate Courses

MoJin Solutions, LLC | Certificate Course

Food Protection Manager class, materials, and exams available in English & Chinese.


People are the most valuable assets of any business. At MoJin Solutions, LLC, we believe that the key to success begins with a strong education. In the food service industry, certifications are not only important, they are required. Our certified professionals teach classes and administer exams for the Certified Food Protection Manager certificate. Ask us about private group classes at your location!

Certified Food Protection Manager

Need a Certified Food Protection Managers (CFPM) certificate? Classes and exams are available in various languages, locations, and times.  Understanding the risks and ways to prevent food-borne illness is vital to protecting your customers, your business, and also satisfies Health Department requirements. Increased quality and customer satisfaction starts with staff knowledge!

  • ServSafe or Promtric Exams available.

  • Full or half day review classes available, or just sit for the exam.

  • Online exam results available immediately, written exam results available within 10 days.

  • Classes are offered in English or Chinese.

  • Exams are offered in English, Chinese, Korean, or Spanish.

  • We also provide MA TIPS (alcohol) and MA Allergen certificates if needed.


Inspection Software

MoJin Solutions, LLC | Inspection Software

Streamlining your inspection report processes with digital applications will increase efficiency in the field and in the office.

We can prove it!


MoJin Solutions, LLC has merged technology with decades of food service experience to develop an inspection process second to none. MoJin Inspection Software is designed with the inspection process in mind and is able to provide every necessary function for the task at hand. Our inspection software has been developed by inspectors for inspectors, we guarantee its ability to increase inspection efficiency and standardization. It has been tried & tested in the field for 10+ years, proving its value.  Contact us for more information or a demonstration.

Code Compliance

The main component to increased inspection efficiency is due to our digital platform.  Oh, and Mother Nature will appreciate it too!

Inspection reports are uploaded to the server database where they can be logged and retrieved at any time.

Federal, State, and Local requirements are encompassed in our software and updated as needed. 

MoJin Solutions, LLC | Public Health Consulting
MoJin Solutions, LLC | Public Health Consulting
MoJin Solutions, LLC | Public Health Consulting
Report Delivery
Code Recognition
Export Data

Describing the violation is easy, finding the appropriate violation can be a challenge. Select violations sorted by item number, food code chapter, or keyword.

No more messy carbon paper. Print the report on-site, or send a .pdf electronically to any stakeholder. A few clicks, and you are on your way.

Analytical information can be generated and exported regarding various aspects of the inspections. This allows for easy integration into external databases. 

Attach Documents

Our software team can customize our products for you. Additional functions or processes can easily be created to suit your specific requirements.

Attachments such as documents and on-site pictures can be attached to the reports, increasing the quality of the inspection.

Different levels of access can be provided for field use and administrative purposes.