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At MoJin Solutions, LLC, our breadth of services and depth of knowledge define us. Our experienced public health professionals can integrate seamlessly with your Health Department to support and manage the heavy workload required to regulate food establishments. MoJin Solutions, LLC also has strategic consultants that are able to assist with FDA standardization and verification audits.


Our trained inspectors have been in the field supporting local Health Departments manage their heavy inspection workload for 20+ years. We work closely with the Health Departments to structure a work plan for the year that best fits their community.
MoJin Solutions, LLC believes that consistency is mandatory. We utilize our proprietary MoJin Software to ensure that regardless of the inspector, all establishments will be evaluated the same. Consistency brings familiarity to the establishments and together we are able to set a strong foundation for continuous improvement.

MoJin Solutions, LLC professionals are able to leverage our vast network to identify trends across communities and bring a new perspective to better serve you and your community. Our inspectors work around the clock, as we understand that the establishments in your community do too.

While our primary role as inspectors will be to ensure regulations are adhered to, we believe that our work as inspectors goes far beyond this. Not only will we work to verify adherence but we will continuously educate the establishments in your community on industry best practices.

Inspection Services Include:
  • Food Establishments

  • Food Truck Festivals

  • Farmers Markets

  • Temporary Events

  • Public Pools

Health Department Sponsored Training For Food Establishments

​Special events are becoming far more popular across the New England region. These events require specific trainings for the participants to ensure public safety through food code adherence. Proper education is the first step in ensuring adherence to food code and MoJin Solutions, LLC instructors are available to leverage their experience and expertise to lead these trainings. Contact Us for availability and details of the course as they relate to the needs of your community or region.

  • Person in Charge (PIC) Training 

  • Mobile Vendors

  • Temporary Events 

  • Farmers Markets

  • Emergency Preparedness for Retail Food Establishments

FDA Standards & Verification Audits

Let our consultants help you with your Standards Program. We will work to help build out the additional functions, policies, and procedures to meet the requirements. or complete your verification audit. Contact Us for a no cost consultation regarding your specific situation.

HACCP & Plan Review Development

​HACCP Plan Review and Validation is a core competency of our professionals. We review HACCP plans on behalf of Health Departments to verify compliance with local and FDA food codes and ensure that when the plan is properly implemented, the operations are designed for compliance.

Inspection Software

Consistency is mandatory and setting a strong foundation for consistency has become a priority for us. MoJin Solutions, LLC has developed proprietary software, MoJin Solutions, LLC Software, which we will begin offering to Health Departments in Summer 2018.

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