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The MoJin Advantage

Streamline restaurant growth with top-tier solutions

Want to schedule a FREE food safety audit and discuss performance opportunities? 

Normally $400.00 - our gift to you!

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Streamline Growth

Easily set the foundation for growth with an operational program that values staff knowledge, standardization, and accountability.


We will identify food safety, company branding, and procedural opportunities to be included in the operational program.


Each opportunity's process is strategically developed and integrated into the operational program.


While each location may be unique, most of the existing operational program is easily duplicated among additional locations. 

Training & Educational Resources

Your team is the most valuable asset in your operation. Be confident they have the training they need through an ongoing educational support system. 

Online Education

Unlimited access to our online food safety certificate course and exclusive training webinars. Ideal for new hires and continuous knowledge building.

In-Person Feedback

One-on-One personalized coaching and feedback is given to your restaurant's Person-In-Charge during routine visits. 


Looking for information or additional resources to improve your operation? We will provide you with posters, documents, supplies, and countless additional resources to improve your operation.


Easily set the foundation to grow and replicate your restaurant brand across multiple locations by establishing various operational procedures. 

Company Branding

Give your customers the same experience each time they visit a single location, or across many. Don't have any branding standards? We will help you get started!

Food Safety

A company food safety program will reduce your risk of foodborne illness, aid in the reduction of waste, and strengthen your brand with your community and regulatory authority.   

Procedure Adherence

Ensure managerial tasks are completed properly and on time with real time notifications.

Organizational Accountability

Don't spend time micromanaging your restaurant. Ensure food safety, company branding, and operation standards are being adhered to when your team is held accountable for the outcome. 

Routine Visits

Comprehensive audits ensure your operation is adhering to established standards. 

Corrective Action Tasking

Easily notify stakeholders when corrective actions are required and task the individual responsible for resolving it.

Real Time Reporting

Digital audit and checklist reports are instantly available to stakeholders for review.

Operational Support

In addition to developing and integrating an operational program tailored specifically to your business, we will also help you maintain organizational compliance and assist with a variety of additional services you may need. 

Discounted Consulting

Whether you need ServSafe Certificates, last minute supplies, or specialized group trainings, you receive special discounted rates that are well below industry norms.


Opening a new location requires a lot of attention. We will assist with the permitting process, plan review, kitchen design, or renovations to get you open faster.

Program Development

Making changes to your program is easy! We can help expand your menu, develop specialized processes (HACCP), or improve operational metrics.


We will provide you with the technology you need to keep your operational program running. Allowing you to oversee performance and ensure your team is adhering to your food safety, company branding, and procedural standards. Learn about the technology we use.


We will provide you with all the hardware you need to get started. 


Submit input, notes, and pictures effortlessly. Increase record keeping efficiency with a digital platform.


Easily communicate between stakeholders and oversee operational performance.


MoJin Municipalities

MoJin Solutions has been supporting municipal food safety programs for over 25 years. Learn about the many ways we are prepared to assist your local food safety program.

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